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    Partners of the Indonesian German Cooperation

    Fairventures Worldwide (FVW) gGmbH

    FVW provides consulting services along the value chain of tropical timber, starting with afforestation to finished wood products bought by the customer.

    Currently, FVW is implementing a three years project in Indone-sia with the aim of rehabilitating degraded areas whilst creating an economically profitable and sustainable land-use alternative to the establishment of palm oil plantations for the rural popula-tion. Within the framework of

    this feasibility and demonstration study, Albazia (Paraserianthes f.) will be planted in cooperation with communities and smallholders in

    Central Kalimantan within differ-ent systems. In cooperation with industrial partners on Java, inno-vative products made from light-wood species will be developed and communicated to the wood processing sector. This project is part of the International Climate Initiative (www.international-cli-mate-initiative.com). The Federal Ministry for the Environment,

    Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) supports this initiative on the basis of a decision adopted by the German Bundestag.

    For our various clients we have been working on this matter for many years, being able to high-light this in diverse examples of previous working assignments. Get in touch with us for further information.
    – Import Promotion Desk (IPD)

    The Import Promotion Desk pre-sents selected lightwood export-ers from Indonesia at Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2016. All companies have been thor-oughly selected by IPD and pre-pared for export to the European market. In this brochure you will find detailed information about these companies and our part-ners in Indonesia.

    ABOUT US – The IPD is your partner for import promotion in Germany. Our goal is the sustainable and well-structured import promotion of special products from selected partner countries – under compli-ance with high quality, social, and environmental standards. The IPD is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Coopera-tion and Development (BMZ). We have the contacts, information and communication channels to reliable suppliers in our partner countries. By connecting you to the right exporters, we help you to profit from time-, cost-and risk-optimized sourcing. GET IN TOUCH WITH US.

    – Indonesian Barecore Association (IbcA)

    Indonesian Barecore Association (IbcA) supplies its members with market and price information of the Indonesian lightwood sector. In the past few years, the price for barecore products continuously dropped down. To transform the barecore industry and to support its entrepreneurs, the IbcA was founded May 5, 2015. The main objectives of IbcA are: to participate in the develop-ment of the national economy; to support its members in the enhancement of the use of sustainable wood; to provide market and price information of lightwood to its members; to encourage education and training activities for improving the quality of human resources in the “era MEA” (Economic Community Asia/Asean)

    IbcA contributes to increase the efficiency and productivity of the barecore industry, to foster the growth of the barecore market and the availability of raw materi-als through the coordination and control of the implemented work of IbcA.

    -Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia

    The Ministry of Trade (Indonesian: Kementerian Perdagangan) is a ministry of the Government of Indonesia that directs the formula-tion of policies related to the de-velopment of trade in Indonesia. The Ministry of Trade also facili-tates, encourages, enhances and promotes commercial activities in Indonesia.

    Currently, the Minister of Trade is Mr. Enggartiasto Lukita.
    The Ministry of Trade has a duty to help the President administer-ing all trade-related activities both domestically and internationally. In performing the task, the Ministry of Trade will: 1. Formulate, determine, and conduct the law in trade 2. Implement policies concerning the strengthening and development of trade 3. Implement technical guidance and supervising the implemen-tation of policies concerning the strengthening and development of trade 4. Research and Development in the field of trade.

    -Pendidikan Industri Kayu (PIKA)

    Pendidikan Industri Kayu (PIKA) is a Jesuit apostolic institution located in Semarang that focuses on the vocational training and development of young people in the field of woodworking and carpentry in Indonesia. Based on the Swiss educational curricula and teaching model, PIKA has been long and widely recognized as a unique educa-tional institution. Especially re-markable is its success in inte-grating production and school units into one interconnected element.

    PIKA offers two formal educa-tions:

    1. Vocational School of Wood-working Technology –4 Years, 55 students/year

    2. Technical Academy (Interior Design & Technical Furniture) 3 Years, 40 students/year

    In addition to educate students in the field of carpentry and interior design, PIKA also established a business unit that manufactures furniture orders from customers. As an educational institution, PIKA organizes trainings to improve the competence of the workforce in the furniture industry. Further, PIKA supports several industrial centers in Indonesia in improving the competence of their employ-ees. If you are in need of manpower or wish to increase manpower in the field of wood working technol-ogy industry and interior design or wish to establish cooperation in the education of the wood working, we are looking forward to cooperate with you.

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